I am passing worms in my stool but the Gut Zoomer did not detect the parasite in my stool sample. What's up with that?

It's possible that the parasite was not present in the stool sample you collected and submitted to the lab.

One limitation of the Gut Zoomer is that it reflects a snapshot in time; a picture of what is going on in your gut (not a full length movie).

According to Dr. Jessica Peatross on the Less Stressed Life Podcast #273 (https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/less-stressed-life-anti-inflammatory-functional-medicine/id1259689715  (timestamp 7:15-8:40):
“I don’t really have a perfect test for parasites. I wish I did. I wish could tell people ‘this is the go-to that will get it every time.’ But that just doesn’t exist in our world, unfortunately. And that’s because parasites are as old as we are. And they’re not bad at their job. Which is to avoid being caught and found. They want to live off your nutrients and use you as a host. They don’t want to kill you. And so, they’re really stealthy for that reason, on purpose. Even from our modern-day testing. So, you know, if you guys are looking in a regular stool test. Let’s say your doctor orders an ova and parasites (O&P). Those really have to be done multiple times over weeks to even come close to being accurate. You have a pathologist and histologist in the lab really pulling apart and looking at a tiny sample you provide. And if they don’t see eggs, larva, or worms in that tiny sample, with just a person examining, then you’re deemed ‘free of parasites.’ And that’s just not always the case. So I’d really look into more of the functional testing. The testing that does more specificity and sensitivity and getting the patient the more accurate result. And the one that tests for a wider variety.”

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