I was told stools are different every day, so can I collect my Gut Zoomer stool specimen over several days and refrigerate each night in between?


Specimen collection and preservation methods are based on the individual test characteristics and performance.

Specimen collection methods are based on the specific test methodology/methodologies. There are several methods for testing stool, including molecular testing (PCR), microscopy, culture, antigen testing, cytology, enzyme immunoassay, nucleic acid amplification test, chemical analysis, and more.

The Vibrant Gut Zoomer test was validated and found to be accurate, precise, reproducible, and valid, as published in the article Evaluation of the Vibrant DNA Microarray for the High-Throughput Multiplex Detection of Enteric Pathogens in Clinical Samples in the journal Gut Pathogens, with 1 stool specimen collected and shipped within 12 hours of collection.

For best test performance, patients should follow the Gut Zoomer specimen collection instructions as written. For Gut Zoomer sample collection instructions, see: https://www.vibrant-wellness.com/collection/ 

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